Response to Mauri Swanson:

  • In our opinion, Mrs. Swanson displayed a remarkable indifference to the health and well being of others on 11/9/16. She entered our clinic carrying a four month old cat in her arms (no carrier), who up until two weeks previously had been roaming the wild. She also had, jumping at the end of a leash, an extremely unruly, large breed dog. She refused to put the cat in a carrier, so she was immediately ushered into an exam room in order to avoid a disaster in the reception area, which at the time was populated by several other pets; thankfully all properly restrained and well behaved. In the exam room she continued to decline putting the cat, who was not current on a rabies vaccination, into a carrier. When Thomas, our technician, entered the exam room the kitten was running on the floor, obviously stressed by the out of control dog. As he bent down to pick up the kitten Thomas was bitten on the hand, which Mrs. Swanson regarded as amusing and irrelevant. Mrs. Swanson was informed that the law required us to report the incident to Animal Control, and they would determine whether quarantine was required due to somebody getting bit by an unvaccinated animal. Mrs. Swanson was also informed that as her dog was extremely fractious and unmanageable we would require her to take him home and give him some sedative pills to relax him before bringing him back. Mrs. Swanson refused to abide by the law and demanded to take her cat home before animal control could be contacted. At no time did Mrs. Swanson show any concern or regard for the condition of Thomas who had been bitten by her cat through no fault of his own. Mrs. Swanson then showed her class by resorting to the poison review on google and slanderously lying about the course of events. Thomas did undergo a course of antibiotic therapy and a series of painful rabies prophylactic injections. The behavior of Mrs. Swanson's pets and of Mrs. Swanson herself was diabolical, but nobody at Russell Road Animal Clinic did anything inappropriate and Mrs. Swanson's actions were at the least extremely vindictive and petty. We bear no ill will towards Mrs. Swanson, and we certainty hope her pets have long and healthy lives. We respectfully request however that she have a modicum of respect and consideration for other people and their pets going forward.

        Marry Mathew worked at our clinic 20 years ago. Sure is a long time to hold a grudge.