A brief yet informative summary of  the DHLPP vaccine








Distemper is a very contagious viral disease of dogs  which  causes severe  symptoms such as malaise , inappetence , weight loss and even neurologic symptoms such as seizuring and death. Since the advent of  vaccines the frequency of distemper has been  reduced but not eradicated by any means. The diligent vaccination of puppies is the surest way to prevent this killer virus from once again becoming the epidemic it once was not very long ago.



Parvovirus is currently the most feared infectious disease of puppies because when a puppy gets parvo his chances of survival are not great even with intensive expensive treatment.  Because the virus survives for years on the ground exposure is very difficult to prevent and vaccinating is the best means of keeping your puppy from getting this horrific and often fatal disease.



Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease of dogs which causes kidney and liver failure. Easily contracted from the ground and water this disease can cause a myriad of signs and symptoms and is very difficult and  expensive to diagnose and treat. Vaccines against the most common forms of leptospirosis are available and effective and are highly reccomended on a yearly basis.